lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

La risposta di Akshay Kumar Italy al giornalista Rajeev Masand

In seguito a quello che il giornalista Rajeev Maasand ha detto sulla sua pagina di twitter, abbiamo deciso di rispondergli a nome del fan club italiano di Akshay Kumar:

@RajeevMasand Dear Sir, this is Akshay Kumar Italian Fan Club (Akshay Kumar Italy). We are Italian and live in Italy, where Indian movies are almost unknown to the masses because they get no release here, althought in the recent years Italian bollywood fans have been increasing in number since the Italian national TV showed bollywood movies dubbed into Italian. We have become interested in Mr Akshay Kumar's movies, now we follow his new releases and his new works as much as possible. We buy his DVDs from abroad, mostly from India, which is rather expensive with shipping costs and custom fees, but it's the least we can do for our favourite actor. We admire Mr Akshay Kumar for his hard work, for his talent in acting and for his gentle soul. For Us Mr Kumar is the ambassador of Indian culture, we are learning Indian traditions and language (hindi) watching his movies. India has a special place in our hearts because of Him.
We undersand our opinion means less than nothing to You, but we want to express it here anyway as we feel your tweet has offended Us, Akshay Kumar fans. We are shocked by the hostility towards Mr Akshay Kumar and his movies from a part of the Indian media. We have never witnessed a similar case in our country, where we have something called Register of Journalists (Albo) and any journalist behaving unprofessionally is deleted with dishonour from the register and as a consequence they won't find a job same field. Yes, Mr. Masand, we believe you have behaved unprofessionally. Each review you write of Mr Akshay Kumar's movies is simply an attack against a person, more than an objection to something You think it's done in the wrong way. You have no idea what constructive criticism is, You only find faults at any cost, while you could offer an option to put them right. Negative criticism in itself is useless or rather offensive. In more than one occasion we have recognized signs of verbal abuse against Mr Akshay Kumar and his fans, regretfully You are often backed up by some of Indian media. We always hear Indian media mentioning Mr Akshay Kumar's long string of flops, we have done some research only to find out no movie was actually a flop in terms of business, besides just a couple of titles. We find it almost funny media refers to Mr Akshay Kumar's movies as flops even when they have not released yet. With the purpose of attacking Mr Kumar You have made yourself look ridiculous and unprofessional. We hope this negative trend may end soon, it is hurting the image of Indian cinema we have from abroad.
Best Regards,
Akshay Kumar Italy admin

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