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Intervista al cast di Housefull. Giorno 29/04/2010

Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull al lancio del negozio Diesel a Mumbai con Renzo Rosso

Il diario di Akshay Kumar, giorno 30/04/2010. Ultimo giorno

By: The Hitlist Team Date: 2010-04-30 Place: Mumbai

5 am: My son wakes me up and says he wants to come to the Gurudwara with me, he knows it's a big day for me tomorrow so we're off for prayers now. I introduce him to the amazing boy who ever since I can remember has been washing the Gurudwara every night of his life.
6 am: Aarav and I go swimming and later have breakfast together at our favourite hangout joint, he leaves for karate camp next week so we're spending as much time as possible together. We sneak off for a quick trampoline session before he goes to school.
8 am: It's my time to train. Going to go, swing and climb my stresses away at my parkour gym.
10 am: Feeling awesome, my hands are slightly blistered from exercising but who cares? Was so worth it. Off to dubbing for Khatta Meetha now for two hours.
12.30 pm: Am going home to have lunch with my wife before we both have to leave for work again.
2 pm: Having high tea with Mr Diesel himself from Italy Renzo Rosso!
4 pm: A press conference of digital promotion by Hungama for Housefull. Can't believe we're in our final day of release!! I swear Sajid Khan's going to have serious withdrawal symptoms post release, we all are!
7 pm: Have organised a volleyball match between me and the boys from my building. Have to remember not to smash my niece Simran (aged 10) who is awesome at this game. She's the only girl that the boys let play.
9 pm: Having a family meal and playing cards with Tina and Aarav, only my wife can beat me at UNO. It's been a pleasure writing to you all week. Take care, everyone. Love and prayers... your Akshay Kumar!

Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull in macchina verso la conferenza stampa

Mumbai 29/04/2010.Foto cortesemente Arjun Rampal.

29 aprile 2010, conferenza stampa del cast di Housefull a Mumbai, India.

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Anteprima della puntata di Lift Kara De

Conferenza stampa 29/04/2010

Aggiornamento della pagina ufficiale di Akshay Kumar

"Its been nearly two decades but every new release still evokes the same feelings as my very first release. Hoping Housefull will run to full houses...fingers crossed!"

Sono quasi due decadi ma ogni nuova uscita evoca ancora gli stessi sentimenti del mio primo film. Spero che Housefull farà il pienone...dita incrociate!

Making del film Housefull. Ultima parte, giorni 62/64

Action Replayy rimandato a settembre...

La canzone mancante del film Action Replayy sarà registrata a Londra durante le pause di lavoro di Akshay per Patiala House e durante la notte. Il regista ha rimandato ulteriormente l'uscita del film a settembre.

Il diario di Akshay Kumar, 29/04/2010

By: The Hitlist Team, Date: 2010-04-29, Place: Mumbai

7.30 am: No workouts this morning... taking it easy before flying to Ahmedabad for another Housefull promotion round. It's my turn to take Aarav's reading class today which means he reads and I listen. He is reading about the battle of Troy at this age... A far cry from what I read back in my day...Thank God he loves reading!!
10.30 am: A quick stop at our new office before heading to the airport. Work is progressing and things are falling into place...Can't wait for it to be ready! My first office in the city!
12 noon: The House Full gang is geared up for another house visit! Hope we don't bring the plane down with our antics.
2 pm: Huge crowd outside our hotel. Always humbling. I am a big fan of Gujarati food so we all gorged on some delicious thaalis...wish I could nap after this scrumptious meal!
3 pm: At the press conference. Must say it is one of the most organised press conferences I have been to...Kudos guys!
4.30 pm: We are at the Chajjar family for house visit. Sajid keeps mispronouncing their last name as Charger! This is one big family! Lots of laughter and fun!
7 pm: Flying back to Mumbai with the others after a great day trip. There is never a dull moment with this crazy gang.
10 pm: Back home. Aarav will leave for karate camp soon. He has now graduated to a green belt! His Guru has given him the Japanese uniform called "ghi" as a reward which he has just shown me...It is a big honour! This is what one lives for...I am so proud!
11 pm: Time to call it a night...

Gli impegni di Akshay Kumar il 29 aprile 2010

Oggi Akshay Kumar è impegnato nella promozione di housefull ad un evento Diesel ed una conferenza stampa.

Nessuna premiere per il film Housefull

Non ci sarà la premiere del film Housefull per la stampa. Il produttore Sajid Nadiadwala ha deciso che i giornalisti dovranno vedere il film insieme al pubblico venerdì 30.

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La prima recensione di Housefull. 3,5/5

Akshay Kumar dorme sul volo da Ahmedabad a Mumbai. 28 aprile 2010. Foto cortesemente da Riteish Deshmukh.

28 aprile 2010 Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull ad Ahmedabad, India. Conferenza stampa.

28 aprile 2010 Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull ad Ahmedabad, India. Conferenza stampa.

Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull rilasciano interviste in Ahmedabad 28 aprile 2010

Akshay Kumar alla radio My FM 94.3 di Ahmedabad per la promozione di Housefull

27 aprile 2010, Akshay Kumar a Delhi, India promozione del film Housefull

Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull a casa del vincitore del concorso a Delhi.

Akshay Kumar e il cast di Housefull

Delhi, 27/04/2010

Diario di Akshay Kumar, giorno 28/04/2010

By: The Hitlist Team, Date: 2010-04-28, Place: Mumbai

4 am: Thank God I slept early. Am up, swimming 80 laps and preparing for the shoot. Poor me and Karan Johar have just two hours to shoot Lift Kara De episode before leaving for Delhi for Housefull.
6 am: Ready on the sets at Yash Raj Studios. Karan hasn't slept the night, I don't think he'll ever forgive me for making him shoot at the crack of dawn.
8 am: My staff are pleading with me to wrap quickly lest I miss my flight. It was a beautiful show. It brought tears to practically everyone's eyes!!
9 am: After all that rush, my plane was delayed for half an hour. I dashed home and had a sneaky romantic breakfast with my wife Tina, then rushed to the airport.
12 pm: 'H' crew lands safely. Of course, the hyper Sajid Khan didn't let anyone get a wink of sleep.
1 pm: Everyone's getting ready for the press meets. Only takes me four minutes, our ladies take an hour. I'm taking a nap!!
2 pm: Sajid didn't let me nap, he takes only two minutes to get ready! Annoyed the hell out of our heroines.
4.30 pm: Getting tired now, but about to enter one-on-one interviews. It's no joke promoting a movie. By the 10th interview you start hating your own movie.
7 pm: Organised a big bus to take the actors around today so we could all be together. Headed to airport, we are singing songs like teenagers right now, while Sajid plays DJ, Lara's surprisingly good at karaoke.
8.30 pm: On the flight back, what a wonderful day! Going to seriously miss my mates after the release this Friday.
11 pm: Good night. Love + prayers, your devoted Akshay & Housefull motley crew...