giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Il diario di Akshay Kumar, 29/04/2010

By: The Hitlist Team, Date: 2010-04-29, Place: Mumbai

7.30 am: No workouts this morning... taking it easy before flying to Ahmedabad for another Housefull promotion round. It's my turn to take Aarav's reading class today which means he reads and I listen. He is reading about the battle of Troy at this age... A far cry from what I read back in my day...Thank God he loves reading!!
10.30 am: A quick stop at our new office before heading to the airport. Work is progressing and things are falling into place...Can't wait for it to be ready! My first office in the city!
12 noon: The House Full gang is geared up for another house visit! Hope we don't bring the plane down with our antics.
2 pm: Huge crowd outside our hotel. Always humbling. I am a big fan of Gujarati food so we all gorged on some delicious thaalis...wish I could nap after this scrumptious meal!
3 pm: At the press conference. Must say it is one of the most organised press conferences I have been to...Kudos guys!
4.30 pm: We are at the Chajjar family for house visit. Sajid keeps mispronouncing their last name as Charger! This is one big family! Lots of laughter and fun!
7 pm: Flying back to Mumbai with the others after a great day trip. There is never a dull moment with this crazy gang.
10 pm: Back home. Aarav will leave for karate camp soon. He has now graduated to a green belt! His Guru has given him the Japanese uniform called "ghi" as a reward which he has just shown me...It is a big honour! This is what one lives for...I am so proud!
11 pm: Time to call it a night...