mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Diario di Akshay Kumar, giorno 28/04/2010

By: The Hitlist Team, Date: 2010-04-28, Place: Mumbai

4 am: Thank God I slept early. Am up, swimming 80 laps and preparing for the shoot. Poor me and Karan Johar have just two hours to shoot Lift Kara De episode before leaving for Delhi for Housefull.
6 am: Ready on the sets at Yash Raj Studios. Karan hasn't slept the night, I don't think he'll ever forgive me for making him shoot at the crack of dawn.
8 am: My staff are pleading with me to wrap quickly lest I miss my flight. It was a beautiful show. It brought tears to practically everyone's eyes!!
9 am: After all that rush, my plane was delayed for half an hour. I dashed home and had a sneaky romantic breakfast with my wife Tina, then rushed to the airport.
12 pm: 'H' crew lands safely. Of course, the hyper Sajid Khan didn't let anyone get a wink of sleep.
1 pm: Everyone's getting ready for the press meets. Only takes me four minutes, our ladies take an hour. I'm taking a nap!!
2 pm: Sajid didn't let me nap, he takes only two minutes to get ready! Annoyed the hell out of our heroines.
4.30 pm: Getting tired now, but about to enter one-on-one interviews. It's no joke promoting a movie. By the 10th interview you start hating your own movie.
7 pm: Organised a big bus to take the actors around today so we could all be together. Headed to airport, we are singing songs like teenagers right now, while Sajid plays DJ, Lara's surprisingly good at karaoke.
8.30 pm: On the flight back, what a wonderful day! Going to seriously miss my mates after the release this Friday.
11 pm: Good night. Love + prayers, your devoted Akshay & Housefull motley crew...